"At CASA de Maryland -- whether for medical services, press conferences, or large organizing events -- we rely on Kathy Ogle for accurate and well expressed interpretation. Her solidarity with the immigrant commun-
ity is evident in the work she does."

-- Gustavo Torres, Executive Director, CASA de Maryland

"I am immensely indebted to Kathy Ogle for work on my manuscript, Borderland Theology. She repeatedly improved my overly abstract writing style by making it more concrete and to the point. In addition, Kathy was extremely easy to work with."

-- Jerry Gill, BorderLinks
"In my many years of extensive work with Latin America - all of which occurs (at least) bilingually - I have found Kathy Ogle to be the best Spanish-English translator there is, hands-down. Not only are her language skills superb, she also has a tremendous grasp of the political nuances of what she is translating. Kathy is extremely efficient, flexible, and pleasant to work with."  
-- Beverly Bell, Director, Center for Economic Justice
"We were extremely lucky to have been able to work with Kathy. She is a superb and gifted interpreter who is able to interpret with tremendous sensitivity in multiple settings: in government offices, with NGOs, and in the countryside."

-- Sarah Gammage, Adjunct Assistant Professor, GWU Migration and Development Delegation, March 2004.

"Kathy Ogle provided excellent simultaneous interpretation for our Latin American guests at a recent conference on migration."

-- Carlos Sánchez, Senior Desk Officer for the Latin America Caribbean Region, Catholic Relief Services  

"Kathy Ogle provided essential translation assistance on a document crucial to my legal case. She is a delight to work with and has long supported important human rights efforts for Central America."

-- Jennifer Harbury 

"En CASA de Maryland, ya sea para servicios médicos, ruedas de prensa, o eventos grandes, siempre contamos con Kathy Ogle para una interpretación acertada y bien expresada. Su solidaridad con la comunidad inmigrante se hace sentir en el trabajo que hace."

Gustavo Torres,
Director Ejecutivo de CASA de Maryland  

"El amplio conocimiento de Kathy Ogle en ambos idiomas, en sus diversas variantes, le permite un nivel de traducción e interpretación profesional, preciso y confiable"

-- Vladimir Monge, Comité Monseñor Romero
"Our clients are very pleased with Kathy Ogle's excellent simultaneous interpretation services."

-- Isabel Van Isschot, Interpreter Services Department Director, La Clínica del Pueblo.